Saturday, March 5, 2011

Today's Purchases

1840's American Classical style Flint glass panel urn with camellias from a friend's garden  

Over the last few days I have bought a few interesting items to add to my ever growing collection. I had a chance to go over to the other side of Mobile Bay to visit a Antique Mall that I had not been to in about a year. The last time I was in this shop I bought a lovely piece of Early American cut glass known as Flint glass. A type of early crystal. On this visit I stop by the same booth and found another great piece of Early American Flint glass. A Classical panel urn shaped vase. It was $59.00 with 75% off making the rare piece of American glass sixteen dollars! My friend that tuck me across the Bay brought over fresh cut camellias from her garden and they fit in my 1840's vase perfectly.

The next day was the first day of the monthly estate sell I go to. Regular price day. Upon viewing the over 30,000 items I was not that impress with this sell. Not every sell is great. And at first I did not see anything I wanted to buy. What was interesting was seeing a collection of 800 mid 19th century daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes! I bought two mid 19th century American Tintype of Gentlemen.

After looking at the books I found 4 leather and marbleized board bound books by Mark Twain. At five dollars each I thought they were a bargain and would make a nice addition to my 18th & 19th century book collection. The endpapers with top edges in gilt. This is a autograph edition of Mark Twain's Works limited to five hundred and twelve copies. Mark Twain autograph the first book in each set. I don't have the first book but I'm happy with my four.

My favorite item I bought is not photographed because it is being cleaned. But on the clothing linen table I found a large 19th century banquet size Aesthetic Movement style linen damask table cloth yellowed from not being used in 50 or more years. I examined the piece and it is in good condition other then the yellowing. I'm in the processes of cleaning it and already I got all of the yellow out. This rare piece is easily worth around $400. once it ironed and starched. I paid one dollar for it. I'm not going back on Sunday 60% off day there is really nothing I need. I would just buy some daguerreotypes. I already own 20 or more. They are most tucked away in drawers or cabinets.

1840's American Classical style Flint glass panel urn

I bought this 1820's American cut Flint glass pedestal bowl for ten dollars a year ago

I bought two mid 19th century American Tintype of Gentlemen

Frontispiece portrait of a young Mark Twain

I bought 4 out of a original set of 25 volumes of the Complete writings of Mark Twain

Hadrian's Memoirs might be a juicy read. It was on the dollar table  


  1. That is a pretty early vase and a great find! Thanks for sharing....Julian

  2. Say...if you ever come across any antique black toile du jouy please let me know!
    You have a great eye and truly exceptional LUCK!

  3. Hi Julian thanks you are welcome. Hi Divine Theatre I don't see things like antique black toile du jouy. And if I did this is something that everyone is looking for but I will use the "Law of Attraction" to find you some.

  4. Les mémoires d'Hadrien is a fabulous book by a grande dame.